Topic: DS1307 RTC

At Ebay purchased a DS1307 module with battery for $1.80 and want to connect it to the I2C system.

It was not that easy to get it to run and I am still struggling a bit:

However this site … mp;t=16218 is giving more pointers that the ones below:

Added with this … mp;t=20619 link the RC works but
root@pi:~# i2cget -y 1 0x68 0         
Error: Could not set address to 0x68: Device or resource busy (still produces an error)

See … t-rtc-time

Or check

Or … pi-via-i2c for a more complete overview.

Or if you can read German use this page as its the best match for my real time clock module. See here: … -betreiben same sort of link here

O noticed that the drift is quite high so played the bidding game on Ebay and got a high precision RTC module for about $2.

Will put the experience here shortly.